Amazing Golden Guard Dog!

Amazing Golden Guard Dog!
This isn’t one of those stories you hear on the news every day about a Golden Retriever dragging a baby off of the railroad tracks seconds before being struck by an oncoming bullet train, LOL. But a “hero” story none the less.

It’s 3am last night and I am all alone in the house except for Phoebe – our Golden Retriever. She usually sleeps somewhere else in the house to keep a watchful eye on the status of things – but up she came into the bed – wide awake and making sure she woke me too by briskly licking my face…and when that didn’t suffice in doing the job, she sniffed her frigid nose right right up on my neck and ear.

At first, I thought she was just playing or wanted to maybe go outside – but that’s very unusual for 3am. No – instead, she was doing this because there was something wrong – something terribly wrong going on under the cover of darkness in our house. Awoken now, I heard something – a faint but piercing shriek coming from points unknown in the house – where no sound should be coming from! My heart jumped… Moments later – I heard it again! She was right – there WAS something horrible lurking in the nocturnal void!!!

Cautiously and with trepidation, I rose from the bed to investigate the ominous screeching from the ravenous void. Like a good soldier, Phoebe marched along side me, to protect and defend the homeland from aggressors, villains, and abominations. One by one, we warily turned the lights on to warn the intruder that we were aware of their presence as we stepped forward in our investigation of the disturbance. The sound got louder and more nerve racking as it seemed to mock our approach with an ever increasingly shrill scream – with just long enough pauses in between to cleverly hide it’s location.

As we made our way to the other end of the residence, like a bolt of lightning or a vision, it suddenly struck me – like in the movie “The Shining” – REDRUM… but in this case it was ALOROTOM – and it wasn’t spelled backwards either. It seems that the dangerous nemesis we were about to confront, was an old Motorola Razor cell phone, who was emitting a last chance diatribe into the world as it’s battery slowly died, and it’s life was coming to an excruciatingly long and painful end. Perhaps it was the betrayal or jealousy over the Palm Pre phones that had replaced her. But no doubt, there was a transparent statement of protest and pain transpiring. How……… could…………. you………….. leave………….. me……….. and…………….. just……….. let…………me……………….die?????????????

As for Phoebe – she did an amazing and magnificent job of taking care of her family when danger rose it’s ugly head in the night. Good girl!


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