Karen’s Top 10 Quick Tips for Models

1. Be punctual – and be in touch – make sure to let us know if you’re running late.  We need all your contact info too – cell, email etc. so communication is good between us at all times.  The ability to make, and keep appointments is one of the big differences between those who succeed in modeling, and those that don’t.

2. Bring more than one outfit/look – suggested minimum is three.  Let us know what style you’re going for in advance if you can as we may adjust locations, studio sets and lighting accordingly.

3. Accessories/props – coat, hat, scarf, gloves, purse, umbrella, fan, vest, boa, travel case, costume jewelry – any other curiosities you might like – Bring along props that either match your outfit or can tell a story!  They make a photo more believable and interesting – and also can give you something else to do with your hands.

4. Make sure your outfits are clean and wrinkle free – shoes should be in good condition.  The “out on the town” or “classic style” looks are always good – but don’t be afraid to bring something crazy, fun, sexy, wild or strange too…

5. If wearing sleeveless tops/outfits – shave your pits (ha ha) and use a clear deodorant.  Being overly tanned, or showing dark tan lines is not a good thing so keep this in mind as well.

6. Bring a hair brush, comb, curling iron etc. – what ever you need to style and shape your hair.  Also bring clips, scrunchies or anything else you have to change your hair stye quickly on the spot so we can get various looks.

7. Cosmetics – powder for your nose (to keep the shine off), and any other makeup needed to maintain or alter your look during the course of the shoot – also moisturizers for the skin, and lips and any other items you may have to add that “sparkle”.

8. Nails should be done evenly in a complimentary or neutral color (or left natural) – eyebrows should be shaped and clean of strays.

9. Skin blemishes happen even with the best skin care regimen, do not irritate them.  If you have any skin marks or scars that you would like removed in the retouching process, this should be discussed, though typically we will do these things as a matter of course on female models.  Tattoos and piercings will remain unless specifically asked for removal.

10. Drink plenty of water, have a good night’s sleep beforehand and eat healthy so  your skin will look good and there are no bloodshot eyes!

Also don’t forget – Let’s Have Fun!  

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  1. Thanks these tips helped – it was fun shooting with you today!Sophie

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